Recently, we bought a bed for the bedroom and unfortunately it was sent in two packs. One of the parcels was lost in transport. After all the adventures with the sender, we recovered the money, but we also had parts from one package: wooden sheds on which the mattress is placed.

Because there were a lot of them and Kuba did not have a cupboard on his side of the bed, we decided to use the boards and make them a bedside table.  

An additional drive to do this job was a newly purchased screwdriver. We wanted to test it so we have decided to connect the boards with wooden pegs (the second reason was the fact that we like this way of connecting). 

In practice, the pegs should not be visible, but because the boards were very thin and we were afraid that the glue would not grip too well. And we did not want the pegs to be released during use, we gave them through the whole boards.

And here you have a simple way how to make a bedside table!


  • boards, 
  • wooden pegs, 
  • dowel-sized drill bit, 
  • screwdriver, 
  • wood glue, 
  • scoop, 
  • clamp, 
  • saw (we used Japanese ryoba), 
  • general idea what we want to do

First, we took care of the design and setting the dimensions so that the cabinet fits in between the bed and the wall. The next step to cut the boards to size then all the drilling cogging and gluing takes place. We haven’t got any bar clamps that size, so we use dumbell weights to squeeze everything together 😀 The boards themselves were bent, so we first glued 3 parts of the frame and then attached the shelf. Theoretically, it was to keep the whole thing tight enough so that individual elements would not go away. In practice, the whole table was spreading out. That’s why we cut two more boards and gave the reinforcement from the bottom of the countertop so that it could not be seen.

On the whole, we made the phase with a chisel so that the piece of furniture was pleasant to touch and did not hook anywhere. Later we polished everything with sandpaper and vacuumed it.

We were wondering whether to impregnate the surface with wax or varnish or give some paint, but eventually we liked the natural raw light pine color.

It interestingly animates the white color of other furniture in the bedroom and is also has that “soft and warm” feeling.