Since there will be a lot of information on this subject, I have divided this article into two parts. The first part will be the introduction and in the second part you will find much more typical technical information about chisels.

I prepared the following entry for you based on my own experience but also the knowledge of others;) I would like to emphasize that the main point here is the chisels used for carving in wood.

As we know the sculptural techniques and the materials in which it is sculpted is a plethora, but personally, the wood material is the closest to me. Because of that,  I will write a little on the tools used to process it. I also hope that pictures and auxiliary drawings will be useful to you 😀

chisels in bag

Sculpting chisels.

In the broadest sense of the term is understood as a tool used to process material such as wood or stone (concrete chisels are also found, however, they are used on construction sites.) They are usually used as the name suggests by sculptors and they are divided into :

carver: woodcarving, in other words, carving in wood. Woodcarving itself is closely related to carpentry. From a long time ago this was a department of carpentry dealing with sculpting decorative elements in furniture and even building (decorated window frames, door frames, etc.) was called woodcarving. There is a fairly common rule that every woodcarver must be a carpenter, but not every carpenter must be a wood carver. This is due to the fact that not all carpenters have artistic and sculptural skills.

artist/sculptor, or a person commonly called a woodcarver, but not necessarily having the technical skills required of a carpenter or a woodcarver. We are talking about people/artists who have artistic education with the specialization of wood carving but not only. In short, artists who use wood and chisels to express themselves and create their own works.

– artists and people carving in stone. Here I will not write off the experience because in stone I carved a long time ago, only for a moment and unfortunately somehow we did not like each other 😀

carpenters or craftsmen making furniture and interiors of other everyday materials from wood. Also here, you can involve carpenters or joiners dealing with the wooden constructions. If someone would like to learn more about carpentry chisels, I attach a link to a rather useful video on this topic:



turner: carpenter with directional education and permission to operate cutting and rolling machines. And also this time I will use knowledge od more experienced  poeple 🙂



Well, I will finally start talking about chisels 🙂

The components that we distinguish in the wood carving chisel are (of course the whole metal part is embedded in the wooden most common handle):

chisel scheme

Wood chisel parts


However, there are two divisions of the chisels; due to the shape of the blade and due to the shape of the outlet (if we take a chisel and perpendicularly penetrate the surface of the wood, then we will just press the chisel out). Here I will use pictures that best show you these two categories:

chisels classification

For today, that’s it and soon – the next part 😉