This years holidays in Poland were a long trip – we have visited both our families and had a wonderful time. But there is always some time to work with wood. We have decided to paint old wooden house for dolls. It was created last year, Weronika has made walls and some furniture. I’ve added some electricity (led lights powered by two sets of AA batteries).

Allegro (“Polish ebay”) was a source of 4x400ml chalk paints from Vertigo. We have ordered┬áPorcelain Princess, Violet Velvet, Havana and Azure Paradise colours, as for Weronika’s sisters advise : )

Holidays in Poland 3

While painting we were using small brushes while painting the walls, but we have to put few layers to get some decent results.

Overall – it was great experience, having some fun in autumn sun. When colours were added it changed its character – now it’s much more like a doll dream house, where every tenant fells happy and pleased : )

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