Some time ago when I was working at a carpentry shop, I made a few different lamps. Because we worked mainly in solid wood, there was a lot of wood chips of different species everywhere. Piles of wood shavings in the full sun have always looked picturesque. It was not so cool when they had to be cleaned up 😛

The first lamp (desk lamp) was created shortly before Christmas. It was a present for my dad.

In contrast to other, later works, wooden elements and woodchips were sunk in epoxy resin. The whole lamp had the shape of a rectangular prism and the base in which the lamp holder was placed was precisely cut on cnc out from oak wood.

I made it like a pistachio lamp. I put a prepared mass of resin mixed with additives on an isolated base (glass window). Everything was in the shape of a long band. When it solidified, it was enough to cut the resins and glue them into the chosen shape. I added too much hardener to the resin and created a lot of air bubbles in it but in this case it looked interesting. Wood with resin and air bubbles gave the effect of an ice sheet. When the whole was finished and the light was on, it looked amazing;) The fact that it was a prototype and the resin diffuser came out with inequalities at the edges that added to its charm.

Some time later I made a similar lamp but this time I tried to do everything equally and more aesthetically, but I did not like it much better. I also used different proportions, this lamp was higher and slimmer.

Another experiment were hanging lamps with chips mixed with wood glue. I expected a delicate and light structure, but after drying, the mass became harder than wood and 5 times heavier. Everything was cut into a pile and the upper element to which the casing for the light bulb was attached was cut out on cnc in a solid piece of wood.

A total of six such lamps were created that differed in color, thickness and shape of the chip and the thickness of the walls themselves. They also had a different finish to the wooden element. They gave much less light than I expected, which is why they fit as a supplement or a climate element of the interior. However, they were terribly hard! We had one in our living room and many people were surprised when it caught someone’s head. The lamps looked very soft and pleasant thanks to their downy structure.

Pistachio shell is a very interesting element in itself. That’s why I was curious if the effect that could be obtained from them would be similiar to a wood chip.

I acted as before. I made a mass of pistachio and wood glue Wikol. I used the amount of glue that the shells glued to each other. I put everything on the base from which it was easy to remove (after drying).

But what went wrong?

The mass after drying was too heavy. Shells did not create a cohesive mass like chips through their boat shape. In contrast, glue after drying created on their surface a glassy coating so it was impossible to glue them to each other.

The frozen plaster was very delicate and supple. However, when I put it vertically and tried to shape the lampshade after a while, it began to deform under its own weight.

Initially, I wanted it to be a hanging lamp, which is why I used a string jute cord as a fixing for mounting on a holder. However, when I tried to raise the lampshade for this element, the whole thing began to take off under its own weight. That is why the standing lamp was finally created;)

The whole lampshade so far has been held thanks to the strings that I tied around 😀

I have a few ideas related to lamps and because I like all experiments – I intend to implement them in the future. What I like the most in such experiments is that reality always shows something I did not expect 🙂