1. The bas-relief / sculpture and decorative objects are intended for use in domestic conditions in standard air humidity 45% -65%.
  2. Reliefs / sculptures made of wood, despite their resistance to moisture, must not have direct contact with water and hot and cold objects.
  3. Reliefs / sculptures made of wood must not be covered with fabric, glass or plastic in order to ensure a natural process of wood breathing.
  4. In case of flooding with a liquid substance (e.g. water), reliefs / sculptures should be wiped down as soon as possible and allowed to dry completely.
  5. Do not use water and cleaning agents and objects containing abrasives, acids, chemical solvents, chlorine compounds and other aggressive cleaning agents to clean the reliefs / sculptures.
  6. For maintenance of relief / varnished sculptures, generally available means for varnished surfaces should be used, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Unfinished / finished sculptures should be cleaned using dry cloth.
  8. Do not use chemicals or water for cleaning hand-painted bas-reliefs / sculptures. Clean with dry cloth.
  9. Decorative objects, bas-reliefs / sculptures should be cleaned by hand. Do not use chemicals, expose to the sun or expose to water.

You must know, however, that wood is a material that is very sensitive to changes in environmental conditions, these principles should be followed in order to extend their lifespan:

Wood is a hygroscopic material that expands when the humidity increases or contracts as the humidity decreases. This can cause gaps, deformations of relief /sculptures and minor cracks when the air humidity is too high or too low for a certain period of time.

This can happen especially in winter when the humidity drops. In such a case, the rooms should preferably be humidified with an electric humidifier. In summer periods (June-September), when the air humidity exceeds 60%, an air dryer should be provided. In rooms with air conditioning, too low humidity may occur.To prevent this, a climate of 45-60% humidity and a temperature of around 18-22 degrees Celsius should be maintained in the room.

Please remember that the application of the above recommendations significantly extends the life of the relief / wooden sculpture and reduces the risk of  “work” of wood effects, but does not exclude it completely.

Due to the inability to control the climate during use by the buyer, warranty covers only the natural “work” of wood. Over-drying or moistening of wood beyond the standards set out above can not be the subject of a complaint.