Some time ago, following a child’s dream of shaving like a real man – following the path of tradition – I provided myself with a straight razor and a shaving brush. Both the razor and the brush should be dry during storage between shavings (the razor has a tendency to rust).

Therefore, as a first-ever sculptural project, I wanted to prepare a simple razor and brush stand. Maybe I can sculpt some decorative fragments. The stand is to be made in  basswod, pre-cut with a Japanese saw.



Project at it’s beginning. Pre-cut baswood fragments ready for sculpting.

Fragments are measured and then cut with saw,  I have used chisels to fold connections. The plane of contact is unfortunately not perfect – it results from my zero experience in the sculptural aspect. I will make connections using water-based wood glue. Before I get into gluing, however, I will sculpt several elements on both bases and vertical beam.

I wanted to keep the project in one specific convention. The work is to refer to ancient Greece, with a column and a caryatid on a vertical beam. As this is my first job at all, I have a total belief that I will not be able to do the job – but I would like to just have fun without losing any fingers! 😀