We provide a warranty for one year from the date of purchase. The producer’s guarantee does not cover:

  1. Damages caused by self-modification (by the customer).
  2. Damages resulting from random events or other circumstances beyond the control of the manufacturer.
  3. Damage caused as a result of non-compliance with the instructions by the manufacturer / author of the rules of use, maintenance and storage.
  4. Uneven coloring due to the natural properties of the material – wood as a natural material can change color, under the influence of UV rays.
  5. Damage resulting from improper assembly and product settings, e.g. low relief / sculpture set in the fireplace, heating devices, water tanks, devices emitting large amounts of water vapor.
  6. Damage caused by cleaning with chemicals.
  7. Damage caused by prolonged contact with water, pouring reliefs / sculptures with water or other liquid.
  8. Damage resulting from storing a relief / sculpture in a room with a humidity of less than 45% and more than 60% (at low humidity, cracks and crevices may occur at higher humidity, warping and unevenness may arise).
  9. Damage caused during transport.
  10. Defect and damage due to which the price was lowered.
  11. Damage caused as a result of natural wear, including: scratches, dents.
  12. Product damage caused by covering the surface of the product with materials including: glass, PVC, foil, stone, and any other materials that prevent the natural process of wood breathing.
  13. Dirt on the product.
  14. Improper way of cleaning and maintaining the product.
  15. Defect and damage caused by animals.
  16. Mechanical damage (eg scratches, bruises).
  17. Reliefs / sculptures in the raw state, unpainted with a protective agent (varnish, oil, wax, etc.) will not be covered by the guarantee if the customer does not secure them immediately upon receipt.