The concept of afflatus

Under various forms, afflatus has been scrolling in literature, and not only, for centuries. People have repeatedly tried to find its origin. Plato called it furor poeticus – according to him it was a so-called mystical creative craze. The artist, under the influence of this craze, allowed himself to speak with a higher power (it could be god, a ghost or even a demon). What is important the artist in this state did not need knowledge of rules or principles, e.g composition, color or proportion.


The beginning is the most important part of the work – Plato.

In mythology, the artist’s creativity is conditioned by the inspiration of muse. In books such as the Koran and the Bible, we read that they were written by ordinary people under the inspiration of God himself. I think it is this mystical framework that makes only the chosen have the entrance to the magical world that has made the artist associate for centuries as a more sensitive, mysterious person, connected by a supernatural bond with a higher power. This group of people has never been put on a par with craftsmen or carpenters.

It is well-known that artists who are in this “group of followers” often look for their “inspiration” by using different types of drugs or alcohol (opioids, LSD, mushrooms and other hallucinogenic species) On the one hand, one can be indignant: how can it be ;D On the other, if the artist was under the influence of drugs, but thanks to this he created such works as Wyspianski (who next to his signature he added, what drug he took and in what dose to be able to return to this state if necessary), I do not mind ;D

However, is the afflatus alone enough?

As it happens in the world, there is a whole lot of opponents of giving the idea of ​​creative mystical origin. Especially nowadays, when human self-awareness has grown. For this group of people only the hard work on their own artistic skills and education is what counts. The artist, above all, through self-discipline, can achieve mastery. Every day, according to them, you have to work on your creation and it does not matter whether your creativity remains “silent” at the moment, whether the day is good or something unpleasant happened, or maybe you just get tired. Such an excuse as I will not create anything today, because I do not have any inspiration, does not exist for them.

This group of artists is much more prolific and, above all, their works are well thought-out and we still see progress in the works. Artists in this group know how important, for the creative process is afflatus (seeking new stimuli) and communing with the world of art and the real world. It is usually the case that the artist gives his answer to the events that surround him.

It is also rare that, whether it is a creator more sympathetic to the mystical or realistic order of creation, he has better and weaker periods in his work and I think that it is perfectly normal.

Most of the people who create it either artistically, musically or poetically / literally encounter such a wall in their lives. What we would not come up with at the moment does not suit us “this idea is not perfect”, it can be terribly tiring, because even when we sat down to work with enthusiasm, it can quickly extinguish. There is still a white card syndrome, i.e. I have it ;D I think about the project all day, it seems to me that “this is it”. I sit down to sketch and suddenly nothing – evaporated… ;D

It is a bit strange that even though our world has become so rational, we always want to know the answer, why something is happening or works in a certain way, in order to understand this and know the essence of this thing or mechanism, however, the inspiration has always been and will be a mystical concept that is nice to the soul. Neurologists are just starting to study our brain in this area. Processes that occur during the act of creation, before and after it.

You can ask: well, Weronika, how is it with you?

I will tell you honestly that it is hard to explain, but I always have such a feeling of “go do something, work”. Even now I write, although it is a creative process, which is a good state for thinking, something from the heart says “ok, good -Wera it’s time to go and sculpt”. I do not think my work is masterful, because it’s just too early. However, my artistic sensitivity begins to shape hard and I think that the style itself will become recognizable.

Some people laugh that these flowers all the time. However, this does not bother me completely. Plant anatomy is so great that I am sure that it will never cease to delight and interest me. Once I tried to fight and sculpt it differently, however, what arose as a result of this fight, although it was good, when it comes to the workshop was not mine in spiritual terms. I did not feel any connection with the work. So I came to the conclusion, “why fight it, let it carry me away.” But it was much later…

Previously there were years of suppression under the supervision of teachers. Of course, nobody wanted that, and everyone always said that I have to use my head, that there must be a bottom of creativity, that nothing can be literal and understand that the process of finding and experiencing,that creating for creation is the greatest adventure, but it was too early for me. The only thing that came from listening to all this was frustration and an attempt to submit to what others think is good. Fortunately, a person grows up and grows out of such behavior and is able to learn from mistakes first of all.

I am in a stage that I have thousands of  ideas per minute and I hope that it will remain so. Only recently I managed (with the great help of my wonderful husband) to create a basic workshop where I can work freely. Now I know what freedom is.

Returning, however, to the thread of afflatus. In my opinion, the skill is the foundation and it is necessary to improve it every day. Excuses are childish. I have already done so many times that after such a day free from carving, before sleeping, I feel completely unsatisfied that I did not do anything today. Learn about your own capabilities and the features of the material and tools you work with. Constant observation and self-discovery – which makes us work well, which mobilizes us to work and what works to our detriment.

Regardless of whether you have ideas or not, an artist should always look for new stimuli and actuation through experiencing life, as well as commune with art from every field. Before starting work, firstly, a really reliable project and secondly – the project you must love. Never in my life was it that the average project turned into a job that I liked. Listening to the inner self that is coming to your consciousness. This can be difficult, because it is usually associated with a lot of emotional effort, because you have to think about what “I” wants and why and this is the story that we may not like. Giving yourself time. I’m not best at it, because I am by nature choleric and explosive, but I’m learning that giving the idea of time for maturation(of course, not without end), always pays off, and a result is more conscious work.