In the years of artistic education my main subject was sculpting. In high school – woodcarving, in my studies most of my projects were also created in wood.I also had  the pleasure to work for several years in the woodwork workshop and that gave me a lot of experience. It was interesting to get to know the wood from the technical side – how to dry it, glue it, how and why anything happens. Believe me or not, you can learn about wood for years and it will surprise you anyway, it’s fascinating. All the information that I hope to use as soon as possible in my own small workshop. As it is said, nobody will take your knowledge away and that is the honest truth.

Where did it come from?

No one knows it. I remember that since I was a child, I dreamed about chisels and a piece of wood. But life guides us in different ways, often these are roads so winding that you would like to turn back. I don’t  know if you know this feeling when something accompanies you all your life. That’s how it was with me. I always knew what to do and what would give me real joy. However, the young have it to themselves that it is easy to give up things that are hard to reach. Because we still have so much time for it. Especially when we don’t  have financial resources and professional experience just to open our own workshop off-the-cuff.

Many years have passed before I met myself and grown up to what I should deal with a long time ago. That is carving in wood.

Djaazga – something is happening!

It is 2018, it sounds as amazing as if from a journey to the future; This year we’ve finally decided to act and sketched our goals – if not now then when?Nobody, unfortunately, says that in adult life it is so easy to fall into routine and come to terms with what life gives us and stop trying to reach for what you want. That is why we are taking a grip! Will it work? It will!

I am not saying that I am incredibly capable contemporary artist with an unlikely vision of the world. I am a rather simple person with my own artistic sensitivity. It is never in life so that everyone will be content and I don’t even try to make everyone happy. I hope that the bas-reliefs that I present will please the eye. With time, there will also be paintings and full sculptures involved in project.

My dream is to create a large and bright studio with carpentry machines and fancy stuff, place for making pottery with its own furnace, purely painting space and space for epoxy resins and fabrics. The own darkroom and the awesome equipment for creating the videos would also be useful, but it will be in a while. For now, the realities knock off our legs: 4mx4m of the living space combined with a separate space for sculpting. No one said it would be easy! Haha 😀

I like to sculpt floral motifs the most, because I have the most experience in it. Worse with the sculpture of full human figures (I have not had the conditions to face how it should be done the right way), I am talking about carving in wood – sculpture in clay goes well to me, probably because you can always add more clay and wood – not necessarily 🙂

It’s hard to improvise with wood, because you can not withdraw anymore. That is why it is always better to prepare a project that is closest to what you want to achieve. That’s what I’m doing. I will try to make a point in the substantive way, what and how is going on. Which wood to choose for which technique, which chisel to choose and try to get deep into the subject of wood carving.

I want to emphasize that I rely solely on my own experience and observations. If you have any comments or observations -I will be happy to hear from you.

See you soon!


Open air session in Dobrzyca, part of a group project. //Weronika